Internet Marketing and Advertising Expert Michael W. Campbell

Michael W. Campbell
CEO Cyber Age Media Ltd.

Author of: Nothing but ‘Net, Clickin' it Rich, The PPC Action Plan, Affiliate Revenue Secrets, Content in Context, Theming Your Websites, Search Engine Positioning, The Keyword Marketing Method, Revenge of the Mininet, Goobert Social Media Marketing, How to Advertise & Profit Like Crazy, The Ultimate Heat Map, The Uncovery, Color Persuasion, Business Typology and the Internet Marketing Secrets newsletter.

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In 2016 Michael W. Campbell appeared to "retire" but in reality went underground. He teamed up with a friend and used his ALOFT PPC System (aka Clickin' it Rich 2.0), to net over $1,700,000.00. Yes, one point seven million dollars take home pay in just 18 short months.

The best part is that he's giving the entire system away free. You can download the book, or take the lessons on the website, and it won't cost you a dime, not even an email address. It's just his way of giving back to the community that made him a millionaire.

Michael W. Campbell was a bartender, musician and recording engineer in Vancouver BC Canada during the 1970s and 80s. After receiving a degree in graphic design he started in advertising, producing creative works for global ad agencies and media companies.

Marketing online since 1988 (pre internet days) Michael is regarded as a digital advertising pioneer, having invented many of the processes still in use today. He has authored hundreds of books and newsletters on internet marketing and is internationally recognized as a leading expert, with an insatiable curiosity for all things advertising, marketing and design.