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Internet Marketing Consultant Michael Campbell

You want to advertise, promote and build your business. You want to get more sales, produce more product and achieve higher profits. I’m here to help you do that.

Key marketing areas that I can help you with:

  1. Creative, Sales and Advertising
  2. Product Creation & Promotion
  3. Career and Business Decisions
  4. Choosing Media & Social Channels
  5. Traffic Generation Strategies
  6. Converting Traffic into Customers

Creative, Sales and Advertising

The creative in your advertising must attract what the customer wants. These wants are hidden desires, emotions and needs, that have remained same for over 100 years. Things like health, beauty, virility, significance, style, security and dozens of others.

However, technology changes daily. If the message about your product, or service can satisfy those hidden emotions, needs and desires, through the technology your prospect uses now, then your brand will be found instead of the competition.

The key to getting you top of mind in the consumer, is finding your differentiating factors and the message that is uniquely yours to tell. My task is to uncover the soul of your brand and tell your story through advertising and sales collateral. To help you find your story and tell it.

Product Creation & Promotion

Success will always come to those who can identify a problem, create or source a solution, then sell the solution to the existing market. Never the other way round. (Unless you’re creating a whole new product category. But even then, the desire must be there. It just needs to be honed and magnified.)

We can find problems seeking solutions, through keyword research, market research, psychographics, demographics and other tools. By asking questions and running surveys. By monitoring conversations in social media and the blogosphere. Problems waiting to be solved are everywhere you look.

If you want to create a product and build a business, there are questions to be answered. Like what medium to use? How to sell it? When and where to sell it. How much to sell it for? What will be your back end sale, or upsell? And how will you followup with the customers, to make them brand fanatics for life?

These are just a few things I can help you with. I’ll be there as your guiding light, your North Star, helping you navigate the tricky waters, so you can create a sensational product, get the word out and get loyal repeat customers.

Career and Business Decisions

Countless professionals are not happy in their careers. Over the years there have been doctors, lawyers, accountants, firemen, even high school principles that woke up one day and asked, “Is this all there is?” What about all the hopes, dreams and aspirations that you used to have?

The same holds true for businesses. What’s next? Where should we go from here? How do we increase sales and achieve higher profits using the internet?

Sometimes you need a little soul searching, a new destination, someone to help you plot a course to get there. It happens with businesses and people like you.

It’s hard to read the label if you’re inside the jar. A new set of eyes, or fresh perspective, will move mountains of earth, to find the gems that were there all along. I just happen to be very good at uncovering talents, discovering passions and finding new ways to monetize them.

Choosing Media & Social Channels

Using mass media to sell commodities is a thing of the past. Everyone’s a channel. Everyone’s a content producer, curator and aggregator. We all broadcast.

Attention spans are short, as people flit from one idea to the next, knowing that the internet is always on, if they need more information. In-depth understanding is now on-demand.

So adrift in a sea of possibilities, what is the best medium for your message? Is it ebooks, whitepapers, video, audio, podcasting, blogging, micro blogging, sharing sites or social media? Is it a combination of everything? Or are there certain ones that you should leave out?

The way that human beings absorb and process new information is purely scientific. Cognitive neuroscience is finally understanding why we are predictable, or irrational in our choices.

Behavioral science is beginning to understand how the mind works and why we can remember things. That includes advertising, so your product or service is top of mind, when the need arises.

I can help you choose the delivery vehicle for you message. Depending on what you need to say, there is a medium, and there is a way.

Traffic Generation Strategies

Word of mouth can be amplified by the entire internet. Events can go viral in a flash, as everyone jumps on the buzz and pushes it further out.

Some things take a little longer, like planting the seeds of SEO, to grow your way to the top of the search engines. It takes commitment, best practices and patience.

Social media and SEO get all the attention and glamour, but they’re far from being the work horses of the online advertising world. Some of the strongest ways to promote are through content marketing, publishing whitepapers, guest posting, newsletters and article writing. Positioning yourself as the expert in your field.

There are smartphone apps, press releases, web directories, user generated content and email marketing to name a few. There’s pay per click and cost per impression advertising, on dozens of private ad networks, that get millions of daily views. Plus there’s those sneaky remarketing ads that follow you around, for days and weeks to come.

Yes… there are hundreds of ways to get traffic online. But finding the ones that work best for you, depend on your resources, the type of business you’re in, and what you have to say.

Once I know what you have to work with, I can help you plan and manage your resources. My mission will be to get more eyeballs on your website and increase traffic into your marketing funnel, on time and on budget.

Converting Traffic into Customers

This is the most important step of all. Everything has led up to this point. The advertising and marketing are done. The customer has arrived at your virtual door.

Now is the time to deliver on your promises. Will they find everything as they imagined it would be?

Volumes have been written about persuasion and influence, closing the sale and overcoming objections. And there’s thousands of copywriters who’ve studied those volumes. Perhaps thats why most ad copy sounds the same.

Selling you see… is a transfer of confidence. You cannot transfer what you don’t have. You must be entirely convinced. And then, you must put the customer entirely at ease.

You must speak to the customer in the language of the customer. You have to convince them that today is the right day. Yours is the solution. The price is right. You’re the person to it buy from. You’re the one to trust. And that what you’re selling will work for them, in the situation they’re currently in.

A tall order, but not impossible. If you’re an average online business, you’ll convert about 1% of your website visitors into customers. If you’re above average, you’ll get anywhere from a 2.5% to 8% conversion rate.

If you strive to be above average, you must remove all friction from the buying process. To include all the confidence builders that grease the chute into the slippery seduction of the sale. Where emotions rule and logic takes a back seat, until it comes time to justify the purchase.

Helping people convert raw traffic into repeat customers is something that I love to do. And I’ve become quite good at it. Let me know if I can help you with that.

So What Do You Do Now?

If you want to dig deep, you can read my personal story on the about page. There’s social proof in the form of recommendations, accolades and appreciation on the testimonials page. Or you can go to the consulting page if you’ve already decided that you want my help.

I look forward to helping you achieve your internet marketing goals.


Michael Campbell, CEO
Dynamic Media Corporation.
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