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Advertising & Marketing

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The words in your advertising must attract the customer's hidden desires. These are emotions and needs like health, beauty, virility, status, significance, style, security, etc. There are also intrinsic and extrinsic motivators like greed, laziness, achievement, recognition, contribution and discontent. Good copy intensifies human desire and aims it at what you want to sell.

Now, although humans are influenced by ‘old school’ hormones and emotions, the technology we use changes daily. If the message about your product can satisfy those hidden emotions, needs and desires, through the media your prospect uses now, then your brand will be found instead of the competition, which means you get first crack at making the sale.

The key to positioning your brand as the leader, in the mind of the consumer, is to find your differentiating factors and the message that is uniquely yours to tell. What we do is uncover the soul of your brand, your story, then tell it through a proprietary combination of advertising, marketing and sales collateral, to get more qualified eyeballs, clicks and traffic to your website.

“Dynamic Media CEO Michael Campbell more than doubled my conversion rate from 6.5% to 13.5%. He is a traffic and conversion genius.” ~ Ed Parry, CEO U.K. Water Filters

Product Creation & Promotion

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Success will always come to those who can identify a problem, create or source a solution, then sell the solution to the existing market. Never the other way round. Even if you’re creating a whole new product category, the desire for what you offer must be honed and magnified, in order for it to succeed.

To find problems seeking solutions, you need to perform research into markets, keywords, psychographics and demographics. Then you need to ask questions and run surveys, while monitoring conversations in social media and the blogosphere. What you’ll find, is that problems waiting to be solved are everywhere.

If you want to create a product and build a business around it, there are questions that need to be answered. What medium should you use? How to sell it? When and where to sell it? How much to sell it for? What will be your back end or upsell? And how will you followup with the customers, to make them brand fanatics for life?

As digital product creation specialists, we are like a guiding light. We are the North Star, advising you on how to navigate the tricky waters, so you can create a sensational product, get the word out and create loyal customers that talk about your brand.

“If you want to improve your conversion rate, but don’t want to waste time and money through trial and error testing, call Michael first.” ~ Sherman Hu

Career and Business Decisions

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Countless professionals are not happy in their careers. Over the years, we have advised people with doctorate and master’s degrees, business professionals and entrepreneurs, that woke up one day and asked, “Is this all there is? What about all the hopes, dreams and aspirations that I used to have?”

The same holds true for businesses. What’s next? Where should you go from here? How do we increase sales, produce more product and achieve higher profits?

Yes, it hard to read the label when you are inside the bottle. A fresh set of eyes, an outside perspective, will move mountains of earth, to uncover the nuggets that were there all along. We just happen to be very good at uncovering talents, discovering passions and finding new ways to monetize them.

“Non stop marketing ideas and rock solid business advice. That is why Michael Campbell is my most trusted advisor.” ~ Christian Weselak, The PPC Ninja

Choosing Media & Social Channels

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Using mass media to sell average commodities to consumers is a thing of the past. These days, everyone’s a channel, content producer, curator and aggregator.

Everyone on the planet is broadcasting, which creates a unique set of problems. Attention spans are short. People flit from one idea to the next. If they need more information, methods, or knowledge, the internet is always on.

But with so much information and so many mediums to choose from, which ones will give your marketing message the greatest reach? Could it be ebooks, whitepapers, video, audio, podcasting, blogging, sharing sites or social media? What about the traditional media like print, TV and radio?

Relax! We can tell you what to leave out. So rather than drift in sea of possibilities, we give you a rudder of commitment, when we advise you on how to deliver your message.

“Michael showed me one simple strategy that instantly increased website revenues, across ALL my sites by 32%”. ~ Ken McCarthy, The System® Seminar

Traffic Generation Strategies

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Word of mouth can be amplified by the entire internet. Events can go viral in a flash, as everyone fuels the buzz, adds a spin and tells their friends.

Some things take a little longer, like planting the seeds of a brand, or optimizing your website for the search engines. It takes commitment, best practices and patience.

Sure, social media gets all the attention and glamour these days, but it’s far from being a reliable source of traffic. Some of the highest converting clicks come from content marketing, publishing whitepapers, guest posting, newsletters and articles. These are the things that will position you as an expert in your field.

But what about smartphone apps, press releases, web directories, user generated content and email marketing. What about paid advertising on dozens of private ad networks, that get millions of daily views? What about those targeted remarketing ads that follow you around, for days and weeks at a time?

Yes, there a dozens, if not hundreds of ways to get traffic online. But finding the ones that will improve your conversion rates, depend on your resources, the type of business you’re in, and what you have to say.

Once we know what we have to work with, we plan and manage your resources, so you can get the biggest bang for the buck. That means more clicks to your website and a dramatic increase in traffic, so your marketing funnels can make more sales.

“Michael isn’t just a master of creative ideas that generate clicks, he also knows how to convert them into paying customers.” ~ Mark C. Barnes

Converting Traffic into Customers

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Converting the prospect into a customer is the most important step of all. Everything has led up to this point. The advertising and marketing are done. The customer has arrived at your virtual website door.

Now is the time to deliver on your promises. Will your prospective customer find everything as they imagined it would be?

Volumes have been written about persuasion and influence, closing the sale and overcoming objections. Consequently, there’s thousands of copywriters who’ve studied those volumes. That is precisely why most ad copy is boring, predictable and sounds the same.

Selling, or converting the prospect into a customer, relies on a transfer of confidence. You cannot transfer what you don’t have, so you must be entirely convinced. And then, you must put the customer entirely at ease.

You must speak to the customer in the language of the customer. You have to convince them that today is the right day. Yours is the solution. The price is right. You’re the person to it buy from. And what you’re selling at this moment, will work for them, in the situation they’re currently in.

A tall order perhaps, but not nearly as impossible as it sounds. If you’re an average online business, you’ll convert about 2% of your website visitors into customers. If you’re above average, you’ll get anywhere from a 3% to 8% conversion rate. (Some of our exceptional clients convert their website traffic as high as 18%.)

If you strive to be exceptional, or at least above average, you must remove all friction from the buying process. To include all the confidence builders that grease the chute into the slippery seduction of the sale, where emotions rule and logic takes a back seat, until it comes time to justify the purchase.

Advising clients on how to convert raw clicks into raving brand fanatics, is something we’ve done since 1988. And we’ve become quite good at it. Let us know if you’re ready for expert advice on how to dramatically improve your conversion rates.

“Following Michael’s advice I made adjustments to four of my sites and ALL of them saw a conversion increase. His approach is a game changer. You will see the buying process in a light you have never considered before and that will give you an edge in your market. ~ Jerry West, SEO Revolution

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